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Start your epic adventure with VR Dungeon Knight, the ultimate VR first-person dungeon crawler. A long time ago a Dungeon Knight defended the world from evil. Slaying many foes that tried to curse the world. For almost 20 years the world was safe, but even the strongest do not live to see the world forever. The Dungeon Knight became a story of old. It was at that moment that an evil Necromancer appeared and began to use the source of the dungeons to spread a dark curse. It is time for a new Dungeon Knight, a new hero to defeat the Necromancer and free the world from evil. Choose your own class, equip yourself with a vast choice of weapons and venture into randomly generated dungeons filled with evil minions, traps and precious loot. Fight your way to the Dungeon Core with the use of a wide range of full directional movement systems, and real-life weapon handling. Defeat the Necromancer and become the Dungeon Knight!




  • Random generated dungeons - Fight your way through large and randomly generated dungeons, packed full of a large variety of enemies. Watch out for deadly traps and treacherous Minibosses in your attempt to destroy the Dungeon Core.
  • Free movement - Experience a unique range of full directional movement systems like teleportation, arm swing, touchpad control and climbing to freely explore the vast underground dungeons.
  • Choose your own playstyle - Select a player class that best suits your own style; like Warrior, Thief, Mage, Ranger, Assassin and Dungeon Knight. Gain experience to level your hero, and use your earned loot to upgrade your gear and skills.
  • Weapon handling - Equip yourself with a large variety of different weapons, including axes, bows, pistols, magic spells, shields, and two-handers. Store them on your belt and use dual wield for deadly combinations.
  • Co-op Multiplayer - Use drop-in/drop-out online co-op to explore the dungeons together with a friend, or make use of the local onscreen Fairy mode to guide a fellow Dungeon Knight in his quest for glory.


VR Dungeon Knight - Combat Update Trailer YouTube

VR Dungeon Knight - Trailer YouTube


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About Wolfdog Interactive

Wolfdog Interactive is a Dutch game development studio specializing in Virtual Reality. Founded back in 2015, the studio was one of the first companies to fully focus on the creation of VR entertainment games. We use all our VR knowledge to bring you the most immersive and interactive experience possible, with games that are designed from the ground up for VR.

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VR Dungeon Knight Credits

Thomas Vermaat
Lead Developer, Blackjard Softworks

Jesse Caspers
Creative Director, Wolfdog Interactive

Fabian van Dorst
Artist, Wolfdog Interactive

Tom van Asten
Artist, Wolfdog Interactive

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